Have you ever done something you thought you would never, EVER  do?

I did. On the computer…




It’s been just over one year now, that I began this odd, interesting Mission of mine. And, to this day, I have no clue as to what you, on the ‘other side’ of the WorldWideWeb view me as, other than this odd woman with a strangely interesting writing style who is known to go on YouTube flings and post buckfuls of peculiar music all over Twitter, Facebook and her blog sites, speaks frequently of some weird ‘possession’ she calls ‘The Words’ and shares oddly entertaining snippets about her many Intangible friends she’s met along the way.


All are correct.

But my primary purpose for being here lies in a book I came across named The Cyber Effect and how it’s impact upon me has moved me to an unexplainable Mission to promote the Message that the author, Mary Aiken PhD shares in it’s pages. She is a pioneering cyber psychologist who explains in detail what needs to be addressed concerning the WorldWideWeb and what we do in it. It is more than uncanny how my book, CyberDayze, is actual PROOF of the theories she explains in her book.

And. The Message is extremely important. To EVERYONE.

I am merely the messenger. My goal is to get the word out to as many as I can, and hopefully, along the way, can introduce the Mission to one who has the expertise to make change happen. I have been tweeting and tagging Oprah, Ellen, Dr. Phil, Jenny and Howard daily for months, full well knowing that my chances of being heard by them are almost nil. But. I feel that this Mission is extremely important, and thus continue my daily tweets tags and email to now only one-Howard Stern. I firmly believe that he is the only one who wields the talent, experience and expertise to make things happen. It will be no easy task, thus I recognize that Howard would have to have the same devotion to The Cause as I and Ms Aiken. Impossible odds? Probably. But. I just feel like I am supposed to carry on in this odd Mission of mine. I don’t know why. And it’s not my business to know. It’s my business to Do.

So. I Do.

I share my emails to Howard with you in my quest to get the Message out to as many as I can.

I feel it’s THAT important.

To: Howard Stern

Subject: WhereIsMyMind


As usual, here is today’s Blog, wherein your name is mentioned in comment.

I have decided that I need YOU in charge of this extremely urgent Mission of mine that WILL and MUST change the way we know things to be today-forever.

I realize that you have already made an incredible legacy of your name. And. That’s why I humbly beseech you to look seriously into what I am RELENTLESSLY requesting you to do and make it your Personal Challenge. Because it is going to take tremendous heart and belief in The Cause as is my own for you to meet your Challenge. It’s not going to be an easy job.

But it is an extremely important task.

The Cyber Effect by Mary Aiken PhD is what I am talking about. PLEASE. Read it. And join us in-quite literally-saving future mankind from blindly stumbling into becoming humans ill equipped in social behavior and development-as we are currently headed. It’s that big, Howard. If you would please take the time and seriously contemplate the Message Ms Aiken shares in her book.

I firmly believe that YOU are the ONLY one that has the skill, talent, connections and power to head this in the direction it MUST go.

The book also talks about another very important topic-the need for governing laws to be introduced to the WorldWideWeb. Very controversial, is it not? And controversy will surely prevail since big businesses who are currently enjoying making any claims they want about their product when marketing in the WorldWideWeb will adamantly oppose the idea of laws governing behavior in the www needing to be introduced and upheld.

Extremely big topics Ms Aiken discusses.

Please, Howard. Take this as the serious matter that it is. I am NOT just another shmuck looking for fame and fortune garnered by you. Far from it. I do not seek the limelight. I am merely the messenger.

Today’s Blog:


Well. I was able to sleep maybe two hours last night, after succumbing, once again, to a three day freeforall those pesky ‘Words’ of mine always enjoy once ‘They’ finally take over me-and then ‘They’ commence to writewritewrite and playplayplay with ‘Their’ Work.

You just don’t know what I go through with those pesky ‘Words’. It’s exhausting.

Now, as I slowly regain control, my next step- usually accompanied with surprise and/or shock-but, I must admit-most often with the thought of ‘Brilliant’!!-will now surface as I ‘discover’ what those pesky ‘Words’ of mine had been up to in my three day absence. That’s how I ‘discovered’ CyberDayze, by the way.

But. ‘They’ have a new project in which ‘They’ are EXTREMELY excited-it’s all I heard about in the recess of my mind during my three days’ grace -was what ‘They’ are planning. Which comes down to-what I will be doing for ‘Them’ in ‘Their’ new adventure. And. It’s a BIG ONE, folks. I have my doubts that I will be able to come through for ‘Them’ on this excapade of ‘Theirs’.

But. Somehow-I always do.

Remember Howard Stern? Yes, I still tag, tweet and email him daily, along with Oprah, Ellen, Jenny and Dr. Phil, But. ‘The Words’ have ‘Their’ hearts set on Howie.

And. ‘They’ are correct. He is the ONLY one fit for the task those pesky ‘Words’ of mine have assigned to me. And now-Him. He just doesn’t know about it yet.[smiles]

I tried to remind ‘Them’ that I was still quite busy, working on ‘Their’ current project named CyberDayze. But. ‘They’ were quick-and adamant-in ‘Their’ arguement that this is a continuation of the same project. And. ‘They’ are right. This time. Oh, ‘They’ can be tricky with ‘Their’ ‘reasons’ on why I should let ‘Them’ win ‘The Battle Of Send’. Because that’s the one I most always win, to ‘Their’ dismay. Because. Oftentimes ‘They’ share too much information. Thus I forever ban ‘Their’ Work to ‘The Words Cemetery’-most commonly known as an Email draft folder. My decision ALWAYS makes ‘Them’ very unhappy.

Well, off I go, to do my usual blogblogbloging tweettweettweeting and postpostposting across the seeming entirety of the WorldWideWeb. But after that, I have to begin what I’m now deeming Step 2 in this strange, odd journey that fell upon my doorstep naming Me ‘The Chosen’ in carrying out this behemothic venture.

Not to worry-I WILL keep you-and the world-abreast of my ?delirious? Plan. Remember Tyler Durden? He came to mind quite often in my three day haze.

There. That’s a hint for you.


You must think I’m crazy.


Gina Davis